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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Interracial Dating. Good or Bad?

What's your position on interracial dating? Is it ok or not? Let's start a discussion? Are you real enuff to say how you really feel? Leggo!


  1. I just spent quite a few hours doing nothing but browsing the net reading all the comments and post about interracial dating. There is definitely strong opinions, especially when it's on the subject of black women seeking white men. I think people feel they can post comments and say what they really want to. One thing's for sure is we got a long way to go in race relations. The amount of ignorance is amazing. But at the same time there is no question that I'm seeing more and more interracial couples out there.

  2. That's why I started this forum to discuss the issues openly and to see what opinions people had to share.