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Friday, June 14, 2013

2 Chainz's security guard reveals robbery details

2 Chainz's security guard reveals robbery details: "2 Chainz’s security guard reveals robbery details"

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2 Chainz has been confirmed as the victim of a robbery in San Francisco this week and the details have been made public.

A member of the rapper’s security team talked to Power 105′s “The Breakfast Club” about the robbery.  There have been conflicting reports over the past few days regarding what actually happened, but the security camera footage was leaked to TMZ that shows the robbery taking place. Bodyguard, Hammer Strength explained how it all occurred.

“We went downtown to San Francisco — it’s broad daylight, like 4:30 in the afternoon. People were walking around and everything — all of a sudden three dudes just jumped out with huge guns, .357 Magnums. They pointed the guns at us and we was like ‘Whoa!’ We thought it was a joke for a minute, ” the bodyguard shared. “We looked at them, we stopped, kinda paused. We thought it was a joke. Then all we heard was, ’2 Chainz give it up.’ So we like stood there and didn’t do anything, and we kinda like froze, ’cause we wanted to see if this was real. All of a sudden, the next thing you know, 2 Chainz kinda like backed up a little bit. And then he said, ‘Give it up. Give it up.’ Then all of a sudden he took off. He took off running first. When he took off running, we took off running. Then all of a sudden these dudes, they just start shooting. I don’t know where they shot at.”

“TMZ got it all like we just left and left him standing there, and we just took off,” Hammer Strength said regarding the footage. “But he started running first, and we took off after he took off. So I don’t know what they [are] trying to make it seem like. The bottom line is he just fell, the dude he grabbed his wallet from him, and his cellphone from him, and that’s all they took. He has his chains on him, his bracelet and all that, and all his jewelry with him and they ain’t touch none of that. All they did is they got his wallet, and like I said, he ain’t got no money in his wallet. The bottom line is, man, it was a setup. We know it was a setup so, that’s why he told the police we will handle it.”

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