Catch Me If You Can

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

I just figured out the entire problem that exists between man and woman! Y'all ready for this? I need a witness.

So what's wrong with the relationship between man and woman? Absolutely nothing has a simple answer but I'm going to simplify it. Crucify me if you will but here it is. Envy. Yes I said envy, a feeling of discontent or covetousness with regard to another's advantages, success, possessions, etc.

Here's the deal. Men will never be women and vice versa. My point is this. What's the big secret? The secret is men want to posses the attributes that women have and women want to posses that which men have. This is the primary basis of our struggles with each other. Men have economic power, control, positions of power, etc. I could go on. Women have beauty, the ability to create a human life, and she has what all men desire which is her very being. Again I could continue.

The bottom line is that we can never achieve these things naturally. We are who we are so we need to have respect for each other. Because without the other we do not exist as a whole. I'm saying this to say let's end all of the envy and hatred we have for each other. I don't know the meaning of life but I know this is not how it was meant to be.

To my brothers, you will never be able to get the type of desire by the opposite sex that women have so don't worry yourself about it. She is the giver of life so get over it. To my sisters, you will never carry the kind of strength that a man needs mentally and physically to carry on the survival of that which is what we ultimately desire which is you, so don't spend your life worrying about it. Know your friends and you will know yourself.

We need to be friends again because our existence depends on it. Think about it and thanks to all who read this last line. Take responsibility for your own actions. Peace.


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