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Saturday, March 12, 2011

How to Maximize Your Studio Recording Experience

Before you step into the studio, you are going to need a plan in order to maximize your experience. You have to decide if you are recording to make a demo to give out during different events, or recording material to give out to different record companies. You also have to figure out if you are going to sell the material, or just simply want something recorded. Having a set plan can lead you to have an acceptable budget for the studio time.

What’s more important, value or cost?

It is very important to look at studios by value, not by cost. You get what you pay for, therefore the cheaper you go, the unhappier you will be with the end product. If you look at it on a value basis then there are plenty of options for you to choose from, there are better instruments and recording equipment, and the producer will be experienced in whatever you want done.

One song recorded well is better than 4 average songs

If you’re a band with no financial backing, it makes more sense to have one quality song then 4 songs of poor quality. No one is going to listen to your music if the quality is poor. In many cases, you only have one chance to get someone’s attention; wouldn’t you want to have at least one quality song to win someone over?

The Plan

You should have a plan, one that includes goals, funding and practical expectations. If you are limited financially, you should plan ahead and raise money so you can have a pro recording. You should also look for a studio that helps with production and recording. Not only would you have a quality product, but also you have a finished product that could sell for the next couple of years.

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