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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New Voltron Cartoon: First Images Look Official!

2011 is proving to be the year of the 80s reboot with Voltron getting the next revamp treatment. Voltron Force is scheduled for a Spring 2011 launch date from Nicktoons, and on the Official Voltron Facebook page several designs for the show were posted.

The original Voltron debuted in 1984 and ran for 124 episodes. The show was created from material licensed from the Japanese cartoons Beast King GoLion and Armored Fleet Dairugger XV, with the scripts rewritten and edited to reduce violence and Japanese-specific references. In the 1990s a CGI Voltron revival Voltron: The Third Dimension was released.

Dynamite Entertainment has acquired the comic book license for Voltron, and are planning to put out comics during the Summer.

Originally posted by MTV Geek 3/22/11

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